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Rebecca Hanson on pollution & the A5036

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My response to this tweet requires more than 280 characters, so I’ve written this blog. I’ll attempt to answer this question in three parts: What is the context for this question? How would things be different now if I had been MP for Bootle? Given that we are where we are, what would I do ….  Read More

Bootle Candidate Horrified By England’s Highest Cancer Rates Around Church Road (A5036)

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Rebecca Hanson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Bootle, is horrified by the lack of action to address cancer rates around Bootle’s busiest road. According to information held by Sefton Council, in 2014, cancer rates in Linacre ward were the highest in England at 45% above the national average, with the neighbouring Litherland ward being 33% ….  Read More