Bootle’s Lib Dem MP Candidate has slammed Labour’s incompetent handling of the pollution and congestion issues around the A5036 corridor.

In a detailed blog, candidate Rebecca Hanson has spelled out a catalogue of Labour failure on this issue stretching back over 15 years. She has laid out clearly how things will be different if she is elected as MP for Bootle.

Rebecca says:

“Labour have been completely asleep on the job – for over fifteen years! They’ve done nothing to address pollution. They’ve not even been measuring pollution levels properly.”

“They’ve also not done anything to stop a road going through Rimrose Valley – they’ve simply told people what they want to hear and turned up for photoshoots to make it look like they’re on their side.”

“I’ve laid out clearly what Labour should have been doing and what I would do if I’m elected to ensure that:

· pollution levels are substantially reduced

· we have the best chance of stopping the road and

· we rebuild public trust in politics locally”

Rebecca’s blog is available in full at:

Rebecca will be taking questions live on Facebook ( every night (generally at 7pm) starting this Tuesday 3rd December. Local people with questions about this or any other local or national issues are warmly invited to ask her questions in real time